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About DiskoShaman

Merging shamanic understandings with the most important scientific minds, methods, and tools we can discover, decipher, and develop an effective and efficient language to demystify the mystical. Aiding us in the understanding and application of shamanic knowledge in life's most practical decisions and experiences.


By fusing the best minds of the modern technologically advanced world, with ancient shamanic wisdom holders we can learn, download, and apply the wealth of information available in these realities. Thus facilitating the creation of empowered sovereign individuals, who garner the capacity to create a reality centered on their deepest dreams and desires.

Welcoming heart-based consciousness.



"Humanity will awaken from the great slumber when they reconnect to their innate capability to create and influence reality "

                                                             ~Hammad Chaudhry

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Hammad Chaudhry 

How do I explain the entirety of my being in one short paragraph? Well, I don't.

I'm a film producer and a relationship coach.



"I won't be waiting until the end of my life to get to heaven so I'm going to create it here and now".

                                                       ~ Hammad Chaudhry


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