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Welcome to Mind Explorer  ~Unlock your greatest potential~ 

Now there are two parts to me, the deep shamanistic spiritual dragon slayer on a quest for understanding the nature of reality and God. Then there's the more practical daily me who loves helping through practical relationship coaching strategies for enhancing our relationship with ourselves, loved ones and the community.
The one person you spend the most time with on this planet is yourself, consider that the most important relationship we have is with our mind, body and soul. When we enhance our relationship with ourselves subsequently all of our relationships benefit.

I developed my Mindexplorer relationship coaching programme whilst researching shamanism and the use of psychedelics for mental emotional and spiritual healing. I trained in the Peruvian Amazon/Andes with indigenous Shamans learning the art of shamanism and healing practices.

Shamanism is the foundation of my Mind explorer relationship coaching practice. Now, what does Shaman mean? The word shaman simply means "healer" one who can voluntarily enter states of trance and travel into the realms beyond for the sole purpose of building relationships with intelligences and retrieving healing knowledge for the betterment of the tribe/community.

Now this "healing" knowledge can range from highly spiritual down to very practical with daily strategies to enhance and navigate our most intimate relationships. My training as a coach with Tonny robbins and the Madanes foundation aids me in the power of strategic intervention, communication, relationship enhancement, parenting enhancement/conflict resolution, interfamily communication, addiction and generational trauma.

~Choose only one master, Nature~



The 3-part series of this spiritual healing program was unlike anything I have experienced; I have taken away so much from this and released so much more~Brett

Spiritual Coaching
-Dream interpretations
-Transcending fear of death
-Heart energy centre unlocking
-Psychedelic integrations.
- Shamanic initiations

Practical relationship coaching
- Providing tools to develop/Enhance your relationship with infants, children, teenagers and adolescents.
- Providing tools to enhance your relationship with your mind, body and emotions
- Providing tools and strategies for clearing mental and emotional blocks
-Providing tools to defeat negative thinking and emotional patterns.
- Providing tools to release suppressed emotions.
- Enhancing creativity/focus and building strong lasting habits.
- Identifying, managing and releasing parental/Generational trauma.
- Practical Goal setting and goal achieving
- Identifying root causes for addiction and addiction management.
- Inner child reconnection
-Self-worth building
-Cognitive reframing
-Meditation and breathwork.


My Offerings