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Welcome to FOCU-TIVITY, this groundbreaking documentary series is dedicated to shed light and explore the greatest "secret" to Manifestation

So, what is Manifestation?

From every satellite orbiting space to every bit of technology on Earth 


From the ancient pyramids to every modern-day skyscraper 


Every invention


Every industry 


Every service 


Every Artistic masterpiece 


Every revolutionary idea


EVER!  created on this planet since the birth of human civilisation 

Started off in the minds of humans as a single thought!


 So why not pay more attention to the very tool that creates our reality?


Could there be a greater version of the human story and our potential to create?  Arising the question- what is the secret to creation?  Perhaps answering these questions and embodying them is the beginning of a new and prosperous era for humanity.


Journey with me as I explore to uncover the treasures that lay beyond this frontier.