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Are you good enough yet?

Magnetic awareness creating stories

Our internal dialogue speaks to us, often in nasty and deceptive ways in addition our inner dialogue facilitates our thinking, behaviour, actions, this dialogue inevitably shapes and colours in mostly all of our experiences. The problem arises when we believe these voices and create an identity from them. The great, “I am”__________ Insert limiting belief system.

“The voices” of the dialogue may sound as such.

You’re not good enough, you can’t do this, you’re a quitter, your weak, your ugly, you don’t have the strength, you can’t trust them, you can’t trust yourself, you don’t deserve love, you’re a joke, no one loves you, your fat, your ugly, you’re not smart etc

This “I” can attach itself to any belief system pertaining to the self, in addition it reinforces a particular belief system with a single or a few past experiences in which you may not have reached your expectations, in which you may have failed, in which you may felt fat, in which you did quit, in which you felt you weren’t worthy of love, in which you didn’t pass the test. Welcome to the human experience, these experiences are fundamental to growth and transformation. When learning to walk, the child, will fall, will acquire some bumps and bruises, it would be silly to define the identity of the child with its bumps and bruises, rather they pose as vital experiences allowing for the childs adaption to gravity and locomotion in space and time. Why don't you see yourself in the same way?

So why do we believe the limiting belief systems about ourselves when it’s just as easy to believe the empowering experiences about our selves, the answer is simple.You’ve created a story about yourself, a character in movie and you believed in this story, this story continues to manifests its limiting belief system into our relationships, careers, personal life’s not to mention our relationship with one of the most important humans, ourselves. How to we break free?

Like a magnet magnetising pieces of metal shrapnel and leaving behind ,wood, gold, silver this magnet focuses only on specific compositions that serve its interest (reinforcing the belief system). Equally our mind has the ability to magnetise itself to empowering past experiences which could result in a empowering belief system, creating a completely different character and story.

Think back to the times you were enough, when you successfully did what you put your mind too, when you didn’t quit, when you executed, when you showed strength, shined your beauty, when you trusted, when you allowed love, when you showed your intelligence! when you over ate but still felt worthy...... you just enjoyed that DAM! kfc bucket. You're just choosing not to see the positive part of yourself because your belief system about "you" wants to reinforce itself.

Of the top of your head, if you feel comfortable comment 10 things you are proud of, it could be the smallest of things, but it still counts.

Become aware that you are the director, producer, team and the funder of this movie…. You. Your run the show go ace life.


enjoy my master peice

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