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Updated: Oct 5, 2021


Screw Australia, I’m packing my bags and moving to Peru I know where I want to live and I know how I want to be living, my body is screaming to me, it’s unhappy on this oversized island, I’m ready to make one of the biggest decisions of my life and move.

This was all pre-pandemic.


I’m sorry mum and dad I have to leave.

So I informed my parents and friends that I am finally making the move, my mother burst into tears and instantly shapeshifted into a well-seasoned lawyer, persuading and swaying my decision to not move. I’m not going to lie she’s good, those tears had me, but I’m a savage I like to see tears, it hydrates me.


I stood strong in my decision then dad drops the “no matter what happens you will always be my son” hearing this I feel like Simba from lion king communicating to his deceased father through the reflection in the lake.

No, but seriously I’m standing there like sheesh dad c’mon I’m not having a sex change or moving planets, I’m relocating two flights away. I'm still your son.


I knew I wanted to leave Australia and move to Peru and no one was changing my mind, after navigating the murky waters of fear guilt, and shame of leaving my parents….” behind”, I knew no matter what they are protected, distance is an illusion of the physical world. The heart knows no distance. The heart is everywhere at all times an omnipresent intelligence connecting and unifying all things......At least that's what I told myself to make myself feel better HA.


The time is dawning

I thought what was to come would be the hardest part of moving

Convincing my long-term partner and our one-year-old daughter, that maybe we should move 15000km away into the Amazon rainforest and live with indigenous folk and study plants?

This is actually how the conversation went.

Me- “ Babe would you like to move to Peru?”

Babe – “yeh why not”

Hammad –“ GGGOOOOD GOOOD – (StarWars reference )

Turns out, it was the easiest part of planning “the migration” to Peru

Granted I prepared my belongings, liquidated my assets, and by assets I mean I sold my fishing rod and camping chair.

The big question……WHY PERU?

Okay, I’ll give you some context as to why I wanted to live in Peru out of all the destinations on the planet.

Before deciding to move, I made multiple trips back and forth from my home in Australia to South America

Straight after I graduated university I went jet-setting around the planet, however, one particular destination had me obsessed, Peru, my encounter with plant medicines, ayahuasca, new cultures, new ways of thinking, and refined ways of feeling had me hooked. I was a free man in Peru, I was generally excited to meet new people, socialize, talk, laugh, explore, take risks I was stress-free just a man walking around enjoying life eating exotic fruits. I had the luxury of time to endlessly stare into a tree and contemplate its magnificence. I had the freedom to breathe deep into my body and taste the oxygen, dissolving the need to run around “doing” “doing” “doing”. I enjoyed the liberation of trying new foods without guilt. I had the safety of trusting my instincts. I was energized, alive. I was addicted to the freedom, the liberation, the lifestyle I had uncovered amidst the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountains. I had discovered a new way of being. A new state of consciousness. Let's call this the Peru state of consciousness /being.

Of course, all these experiences had me associate my new way of being with the geographical location “Peru”

looks serene doesn't it


So the time to migrate to Peru dawned, andddddddd BANG! BADABOOOSH! the universe slams the whole world into lockdown.

Australia bans overseas travels. Australia bans everything, even our right to oxygen ;)

Well, there goes my plans of finally accessing the life of liberation and freedom I dreamt of. I guess I’m trapped in Australia until I can finally move to Peru. My body felt like I was sitting in a barrel full of rotten banana peels and jelly. if I’m being honest, I felt hideous, like a squid on hot rocks.

I guess I’ll sit in my suffering until I can finally move to Peru. And I might need to take my fishing rod off from Facebook marketplace, but the camping chair must go though, I’ve had enough of it!

But NO, there was part of me which wasn't willing to sit in the suffering any longer, that’s not what the human spirit wants, we aren’t here to suffer, sure at times you can't avoid it but isn’t that life?

Life always gives you what you want, just not how you want it

Quote- Sir Hammad the 5th



I needed to bring Peru to me somehow, I needed to become the freedom I felt in Peru

I asked myself Hammad, when you were in Peru what was the feeling of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state?

Can you recreate that state of consciousness right now right here in Australia without having to move anywhere? what's blocking you from creating that state of consciousness here!

Well, I had no other option, so that’s what I attempted to recreate...

I went on a healing journey, attempted to clear all the mental and emotional blocks that stopped me from experiencing the life I wanted to create.

I contemplated, walked in nature, swam in the ocean, screamed at my plants, cried, smoked my mopacho tobacco, meditated, jogged, sat in the sauna, binged Netflix, buttered my popcorn, walked my imaginary dog, processed emotions, napped, floated, and on and on.

None of that gave me the answer, but it did create a safe container for me to contemplate.


The answer

One fine Sunday morning…….you know I love Sundays, responsibilities diminish, people don't have to work as much, 90% of businesses aren’t trading, I got nothing to do and nowhere to be. The world comes to a gradual standstill, society has the permission to relax and let loose, the sounds of beer bottles opening, the froth rising up the neck of the bottle, the spirit of people exercising, the social laughs humming in the air, joints being sacrificed in the name of the green goddess. People cruising in their automobiles. A soothing of the collective nervous system is radiated through the ether.

So FINALLY, when I least expected it……….the answer came to me, during a non deliberate altered state of consciousness

Around 6 am I was dozing in out of sleep dancing between the dream realms and the waking reality, suddenly my body literally felt as it was in Peru but that's not possible,I wasn’t I was in my bed in Australia, but it felt exactly like I was back in Peru, that exact state of being that had me hooked.

There I was lounging in my bed and it felt like I was in my private cabin in the Amazon jungle I could hear the birds chirping the wind rustling through the trees and through my chest hairs, I melted into my mattress like a hot coin in butter, a deep sense of peace and relaxation dawned over me. I was breathing deep into every inch of my soul I finally made it, I felt I had made the shift, however, I was stationary in space and time. I was still In Australia …. But my state of being was of Peru? What how was this possible?

And that’s when I hear the magic words in my mind- PERU IS IN YOUR BREATH”

Of course, it all made sense, I had a reality-shattering moment, I was like neo from the matrix, piercing the veil.


Peru to me was a state of mind.

Peru is a state of being.

Peru is a state of consciousness, I was seeking a particular state of consciousness.

And I can access that state of consciousness through a certain perinium breathing mechanism anytime anywhere.

So consider this minus the geographical location perhaps most holidays are a state of mind we psychologically prime ourselves to relax unwind and enjoy. We unconsciously give ourselves the “PERMISSION” to allow trapped psychic energy to flow changing our state of consciousness from fight and flight to rest and explore, we begin to breathe deep and harmoniously. Our quality of doing is refined, we become humans again, eat guilt-free, wonder, let loose on burdening ourselves with responsibilities. Our relationship to time changes.


Perspective started to take shape, Why I desperately wanted to move to Peru was because I “FELT” focus on the keyword “felt” peace there I “felt” myself there, I “felt” free and liberated. The by-product of any experience is an emotion. I was chasing a state of consciousness I had associated with Peru. why can't I just achieve that here and now

why can't I achieve that from our convenience and comfort of my own home?

Some science

Tapping into my liberated state of consciousness was achieved through a relaxed and harmonious belly breathing right into my perineum (survival centers), the silky smooth oxygen gliding in through my nostrils and out, my awareness watching it all happen. This method of breathing caused a cascade of effects one of which was activating my parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) which then shifted me into an elevated emotion, that elevated emotion released the tension throughout my musculature system, my posture corrected itself and my diaphragm opened up, even more, my perception of reality was expanded beyond the limited scope of fight & flight. Now I didn't need to travel to a particular destination in space and time to feel a particular emotion, I was able to access it here and now through breath.

What does this all mean and how does it benefit you

Manifest your reality

The moral of the story, I don’t have to wait to live the life that I want, I bought Peru to me without moving an inch, perhaps this is what it means to manifest and draw an experience to yourself ahead of time, I can have it here and now, and I don't have to move to Peru, I actually love Australia, the people are amazing the land cruisers are rigged up and the lands are serene. Don't take what I said personally Australia, I was just learning fam, I was blaming you for my emotional state, not a powerful position is it, but thanks for the lessons.

Oftentimes in life we strive to change the outside world in hopes to change our internal feelings, we control, manipulate, force and push circumstances in the hopes that we will find relief, which is symbolic of the desperate life changes we want to make.

why not make the change from the inner kingdom, and allow the changes to wash out from within to without. As above so below, and if you still want to make the change go ahead!

however, most importantly I got to keep my fishing rod.



How would you be breathing once you’ve finally achieved the life you want?

Practice that and maybe you can bring the life/experience that you want to you. NOW!

also, help me out with what methods do you use to manifest your reality comment below.

Keep breathing keep keep breathing.  if you know you know

Ham out, peace

check out my full in-depth vlog on my first ayahuasca experience

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