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Mind explorer coaching single session

1 x Single 90 minute tailor made Mind explorer coaching session

  • 300 Australian dollars

Service Description

For securing booking times please email me before booking Mind explorer relationship coaching sessions are designed for fast and practical results within the many facets of our intimate relationships. Oftentimes in our relationships we can reach dead ends, traps, confusion, uncertainty, pains and face the unknown, all of these symptoms create blocks and manifest themselves through our relationships, parenting styles and how we orchestrate relationships at large. Are you struggling with your partners past/trauma? Are you not able to communicate you needs to your partner? Do you feel safe in your relationship ? Do you find difficulty connecting to your partner or children? Do you struggle to find love for yourself? Are you always doubting yourself? Do you struggle with intimacy ? The above are small examples of the blocks we can face in relationships. The solution to all your challenges is in you, nowhere else. My job is to help you find it and integrate it. The Mind explorer program uses a combination of tailor made client specific strategies inclusive of shamanic techniques, somatic breathe work exercises, language analysis and traditional coaching modalities to facilitate a space where you can be nurtured to discover your greatest potential and building practical strategies on how we can reach your goals. Participants work 1 and 1 or 2 and 1: Partners/spouse/kids are welcome to participate: Online options are also available for clients.

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