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Shamanic Relationship greatness bundle

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  • 8,888 Australian dollars

Service Description

This program requires a 150 % commitment to change. Inclusions in your 10 week package Inclusions. 8x Mind explorer coaching sessions (90 minutes) 3x Breath work sessions 2x Energetical cleanses 2x Plant healing Ceremonies 2x Physical break throughs 1x Herbal cleanse WHAT ARE YOU HERE TO CREATE? What does the life you dream of look like? If you can imagine it you can achieve it. During the pursuit of achieving our dreams whether it be an abundant financial position, a thriving relationship or becoming an empowering role model for your children, we can encounter subconscious mental and emotional blocks which create barricades to our goals, however, these barricades are illusory and can be demolished through your awareness alone. Doing so creates a liberation of energy allowing your body to tap into its natural flow state to achieve your greatest dreams. You can expect the following during the programme. Spiritual Coaching -Dream interpretations -Oracle card reading -Consciousness expansion -Plant communications/ Developing plant allies -Unlocking Shamanic potential -Transcending fear of death -Heart energy centre unlocking -Energy healing/ Quantum healing -Psychedelic integrations. - Shamanic initiations Practical relationship coaching - Providing tools to develop/Enhance your relationship with infants, children, teenagers and adolescents. - Providing tools to enhance your relationship with your mind, body and emotions - Providing tools and strategies for clearing mental and emotional blocks -Providing tools to defeat negative thinking and emotional patterns. - Providing tools to release suppressed emotions. - Enhancing creativity/focus and building strong lasting habits. - Identifying, managing and releasing parental/Generational trauma. Online options are also available for clients.

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