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We specialize in creating valuable content for brands and businesses. We will make sure your message is delivered through our wealth of expertise. We use cutting edge technology which provides us with flexibility and agility in every shoot. We are driven through our love for film and promise to be the production partner you can always count on.

Perth’s Leading Videographers

Our video style is unique, and we enjoy telling stories rather than just simply filming and editing. Videos should invoke emotion, joy, laughter, and deliver clear messages. We believe we can do this effectively and deliver your message in a unique way.

We are very experienced with filming corporate videos, internet video production, business video production, event showcase videos, obtaining investment videos and much more.

If you are looking for a reliable efficient production company to film and produce your next Television Ad we can help. We can assist with storyboards and planning, filming, editing, animation through to submission to CADS and IMD Australia.

Coupled with our Drone Videography Services, we can offer a full turnkey solution to your next video production in Perth, Western Australia.

Why DiskoShaman TV media?

DiskoShaman TV media aims to become Australia’s preferred drone photography and videography service provider. Our team of experts specialise in creating spectacular aerial imagery and engaging video content that is edited to perfection. We provide both creative and commercial services catering to all industries and disciplines, including:

  • Construction and Mining

  • Government Agencies

  • Film and Television

  • Real Estate

  • Tourism


DiskoShaman TV media can assist you with your next Perth, Australian or International video production and filming project.

As leading creators of commercial video productions, DiskoShaman TV media partners with your organisation to produce eye-catching marketing and product videography. Our content goes beyond traditional video marketing tactics and connects with your viewers in a creative and strategic way. Our small team of professionally trained and experienced commercial videographers specialise in capturing the authenticity of your business to create more meaningful video productions.

Based in Perth Western Australia, we have a small team of expert videographers and post production video editors to produce your next Corporate video, Social media video or personal project.

We are also familiar with filming television commercials and the process around obtaining approvals and making submissions.

Commercial Video Production

It can be difficult as a business to create engaging commercial video content that grabs the attention of your target audience. Social media and television today is heavily saturated with advertising material. To break through this noise, it is important to differentiate yourself and focus on content that tells a story rather than sells a product or service.

Why use commercial video production?

Breaking through the noise of social media can be difficult as a business. Commercial video production helps you break through with creative content and storytelling that gains the attention and interest of your viewers. It serves as a teaser to draw people in and, ideally, encourage them to seek more information about your business. Brand-orientated video content from DiskoShaman TV media will effectively help you promote your organisation, product or service.

Which commercial videos style is best for my business?

Deciding on the commercial video that will work most effectively for your business depends on the message you are trying to convey to your audience. If you are launching an exciting new product, or creating brand awareness finding the right balance between selling a product and telling your story is crucial. Although there are multiple ways to create a commercial video production, the experts at DiskoShaman TV media can assist in identifying what will work best for you and your business.


Once we understand your budget, scope, message, and goals we undertake research into your industry and current trending commercials to find the style of production that aligns best with your brand and goals. This process combined with our years of experience and knowledge, means we provide a highly tailored video production solution that works for you.


At DiskoShaman TV media we know the most effective Television Commercials do more than sell a product or service – they tell a story. By creating a narrative based on your business and its brand, DiskoShaman TV media can craft a commercial that gains greater engagement and action from its viewers. By getting to know the story behind what drives you and your business, we create a TV commercial that generates brand recognition and resonates with viewers.

Brand Video Production

Conveying to clients the ethos behind your organisation is better achieved through engaging imagery rather than lengthy text. At DiskoShaman TV media we specialise in creating brand video production that achieves an increase in overall brand perception and engages your audience for longer periods.

No matter the brand video production you want to create, or the story you wish to convey, our knowledgeable team can capture the footage and edit it to perfection. Branded video productions are typically full of emotion and this drives your audience to take the desired action, whether it be to purchase a product/service, or just create a stronger customer relationship.

Crafted to cut through the crowd

As a business, getting in front of your desired audience and gaining their attention can be difficult. At DiskoShaman TV media, we work to craft professional quality, branded video production that does all the speaking for your organisation to engage and intrigue your viewers.

How we achieve these results is by taking the time to understand your business and what drives each and every person behind it. Customers can spot when an organisation isn’t being authentic in a brand video production; we find people respond best to organisations who show their core values and morals behind everything they do.

Social Media Video Ads

Are you looking to hit your audience with a punchy and creative Facebook video ad? We utilise the latest trends in social media video advertising to deliver high quality and purposeful ads that capture viewers’ attention. Our commercial videographers optimise your video content for social media platforms so it is unique in its delivery and impact.

Branded Video Content We create


At DiskoShaman TV media, we work with you to create brand video productions for your corporate business that reflect the values and story behind everything you do. By capturing your authenticity, you can align yourself with current and potential new clients that share your morals and see the value in what you do.

Brand Stories

Portraying your organisation’s brand story and how it relates to your customers’ lives can significantly increase the feeling of trust they have with your business. Video branding works to establish exactly what drives your organisation and how it benefits your customers which, in turn, can increase lead generation.


Sometimes, the best way to show the extensive features of a product or service is through a promotional video production. This brings what you offer your customers to life and can create an increased interest in your brand. AtDiskoShaman TV media we provide effective promo videos which walk the fine line between being effective sales tools and engaging content.


For times when you need to portray a story that spans across more than one video, a docu-series could be the answer. It allows your organisations to convey a story to your audience that crosses multiple topics. This type of production could be used to capture stories about employees, customers, and your business.


If you are trying to communicate to your audience a challenging topic that requires a more in-depth approach, an educational brand video could be the perfect solution. An educational video can be used to explain a complicated product or service better to your customers and answer the frequently asked questions surrounding it. This style of video encourages audiences to find out more.

Social Media

Branded social media videography should ideally be fast, punchy, and shareable, no matter the topic the video is discussing. At DiskoShaman TV media, we help you create social media videos that align with your brand and capture your audience’s attention to generate interest in your organisation.


DiskoShaman TV media are some of the most trusted professional drone pilots in Australia, We have filmed in Europe, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia and even Antarctica. We understand cinematography and can provide your company, event or video production the highest quality drone services in the country.

Telling stories and producing visually stunning video content is what we do, Our team of videographers, video editors and graphics overlay animators can help your company deliver beautiful videos for social media, television, websites or events.

DiskoShaman TV media can offer traditional local Perth and Australia wide photography and video production services. We have state of the art equipment, and can shoot in virtually any location.

We use world class photographic timelapse systems to provide our customers with the highest quality timelapse footage. If you’re serious about timelapse, you need to partner with DiskoShaman TV media.

Virtual Reality can be used in real estate and construction to show a potential buyer what there new home or apartment will look like before it is built, even creating a virtual tour through the home like you are actually there.

The DiskoShaman TV media team can shoot from planes, helicopters, remote control buggy’s, motorbikes, cable cams and even underwater. There really isn’t anything we can’t do.

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